In Order to Shine…in this ever changing multi-channeled Financial Sector it requires continuous consolidation of data and information in order to provide sound financial solutions to our clients.

There is no one size fits all when it comes to your bottom line or financial future; “Core Personalized Solutions” is key.

Our Company Belief: Vision, Ethics, integrity & Compassion are infinitely more important than the words we say. These four traits are as important to TranStar Advisor Alliance survival as air, food, and water. A critical necessity for these competencies is the tone at the top first and foremost.

We mean what we say and to say what we mean — is realized through
excellent performance as a leader in the industry, our job is to have a vision of high standards in serving existing and new clients.

Let’s face it – in today’s super-connected world everyone has the ability to research anything at the speed of the internet.

But what they can’t easily find is what they need most – knowledgeable advisors who can provide personalized solutions that fulfill their retirement-income goals.

This singular fact is the cornerstone of each marketing program we provide – to establish you as a well-rounded advisor who can offer the information, suite of services, and professional guidance they need to assist their clients in making crucial retirement planning decisions.

TranStar Advisor Alliance

Difference-Mega Difference

Just like our name says “Alliance” a connection between Professional Advisors across the United States with a common interest to align the right financial solutions for their clients.

We provides financial advice to clients on reducing tax ramifications in retirement, reducing risk and helping provide overall financial wellness

While a financial advisor’s goal is to take a comprehensive view of a client’s situation and then help the client work toward those goals, an insurance agent is typically more focused on determining a client’s need that their insurance product can address.

Typically we provide clients with better solutions for their 403b payroll slot by transferring to one of our approved carriers, or perhaps looking at the future tax liabilities their pension and other tax deferred plans they may have in place. Perhaps, apply less to tax deferred optional plans and applying to an approved IUL product may have significant benefits. Or, in our assessment interview we find the client contributed to a 401K, 457 or other plan and upon leaving the company transferred to another institution converting to an IRA. We identify losses, consult on volatility and the importance to have in place a diversified option to help safeguard our clients money

We advise, we are professionals making a difference.

Unlike others, Our Advisors are paid direct from the carrier without any reduction of commissionable commissions.

Unlike other FMO’s reducing target Commissionable Commission

To better understand this gimmick. Example:

FMO Holds a 100% Contract with ABC Carrier
Advisor’s commission is 85%

FMO Reduces Comp Grid to Advisor to 65% for ABC Carriers IUL and pays Advisor 85% of the 65%.

Example Target Premium: $12,000.00/$1000 monthly/75% Advance

$12,000.00 x 65% = $7800.00
Advisor Commission 85% = $6,630
75% Advance (if monthly) = $4,972.50
Commission Balance Due: $1,657.50
Balance Paid in10-12th month = $552.50 per month

Our Advisors earn commissions based on their contract percentage
times the applicable Target premium no gimmicks.

$12,000.00 x 85% = $10,200.00 Commission
75% Advance = $7,650.00
Commission Balance Due: $2,550.00
Balance Paid in 10th-12th month = $$850.00 per month

*+$2,400.00 More Commission
*+$2,677.50 More Advance
*+$892.50 More Balance Due
*+$297.50 More Per 10th-12th Month



Unprecedented Access to Teachers and Staff, College &
Universities Professors and Staff

The Strategy

TransStar State & Federal Employee Retirement Service Program (TSSFRS) is engineered to provide you with unprecedented access to State Public and Federal employees virtually untapped prospect markets: Teachers, Educational Staff, Colleges, Universities Teachers and Professors Firefighters and Law Enforcement.

Proven Successful! Our innovative “Pre-Set Appointment” program places Advisors in the driver’s seat to focus on consulting and selling.

Proven successful ZOOM Conferencing one-on-one features state-specific
information about how state employees’ pension, health plan, life insurance, and Social Security benefits fit into a comprehensive retirement plan.




Powerful Niche Prospecting Strategies


With approximately 2.4 million civil service employees and members of the uniformed services poised to retire, they need retirement-planning professionals who understand the complex requirements of their benefits.

Federal Consultant Certification Designation

The FRC℠ Course and exam are designed to help you:

  • Demonstrate your expertise and knowledge about the full range of federal retirement benefits, health plans and life insurance.
  • Help federal employees accurately identify potential gaps in their retirement income and provide informed recommendations.
  • Guide federal employees in developing strategies for a financially-secure retirement based on their personal situation and goals.

Nationwide Educational Federal Seminars

Our seminars are conducted by our team of highly-experienced and credentialed speakers – all specialists in Federal Employee Benefits – and include Q & A sessions to help with your specific retirement questions.

Nationwide Federal Pre-Set Appointments Scheduled to your




Transforming Advisor Vertical

Opportunity to be part of an exclusive arrangement provide existing and potential clients with discounted tax preparation. Just market your tax return prep services to your community and the exclusive team of CPAs, IRS Enrolled Agents (EAs) and experienced tax professionals does the rest.

What are the advantages?
Exclusive Services & Support

When you provide tax prep services at a lower cost than most “big box” tax prep firms it gives you the competitive edge while attracting a new stream of clients and revenue.

When you provide tax prep services at a lower cost than most “big box” tax prep firms it gives you the competitive edge while attracting a new stream of clients and revenue.

When you provide tax prep services at a lower cost than most “big box” tax prep firms it gives you the competitive edge while attracting a new stream of clients and revenue.

When you provide tax prep services at a lower cost than most “big box” tax prep firms it gives you the competitive edge while attracting a new stream of clients and revenue.



Licensed Insurance Agents ONLY

We will not respond to any advertisers or anyone seeking information other than licensed agents who have applied below and provided verifiable documentation.