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TranStar Advisor Alliance

Difference-Mega Difference

Just like our name says “Alliance” a connection between Professional Advisors across the United States with a common interest to align the right financial solutions for their clients.

We provides financial advice to clients on reducing tax ramifications in retirement, reducing risk and helping provide overall financial wellness

While a financial advisor’s goal is to take a comprehensive view of a client’s situation and then help the client work toward those goals, an insurance agent is typically more focused on determining a client’s need that their insurance product can address.

Typically we provide clients with better solutions for their 403b payroll slot by transferring to one of our approved carriers, or perhaps looking at the future tax liabilities their pension and other tax deferred plans they may have in place. Perhaps, apply less to tax deferred optional plans and applying to an approved IUL product may have significant benefits. Or, in our assessment interview we find the client contributed to a 401K, 457 or other plan and upon leaving the company transferred to another institution converting to an IRA. We identify losses, consult on volatility and the importance to have in place a diversified option to help safeguard our clients money

We advise, we are professionals making a difference.

Unlike others, Our Advisors are paid direct from the carrier without any reduction of commissionable commissions.

Unlike other FMO’s reducing target Commissionable Commission

To better understand this gimmick. Example:

FMO Holds a 100% Contract with ABC Carrier
Advisor’s commission is 85%

FMO Reduces Comp Grid to Advisor to 65% for ABC Carriers IUL and pays Advisor 85% of the 65%.

Example Target Premium: $12,000.00/$1000 monthly/75% Advance

$12,000.00 x 65% = $7800.00
Advisor Commission 85% = $6,630
75% Advance (if monthly) = $4,972.50
Commission Balance Due: $1,657.50
Balance Paid in10-12th month = $552.50 per month

Our Advisors earn commissions based on their contract percentage
times the applicable Target premium no gimmicks.

$12,000.00 x 85% = $10,200.00 Commission
75% Advance = $7,650.00
Commission Balance Due: $2,550.00
Balance Paid in 10th-12th month = $$850.00 per month

*+$2,400.00 More Commission
*+$2,677.50 More Advance
*+$892.50 More Balance Due
*+$297.50 More Per 10th-12th Month

LOA just means that you wrote the business for your current upline and can’t retain it because you never actually owned the business. Licensed Only Agent or LOA: means (a) for purposes of Sales, any licensed insurance agent who is either employed by or under exclusive contract with upline to sell insurance products for upline; and (b) for purposes of Referrals, any licensed insurance agent who is either employed by or under exclusive contract.

Your Clients are yours and no one else’s. It’s your Advisory Practice you own it. You are paid directly from the carriers



We DO NOT take preset commission costs out of your commission as we have no payroll or LOA to do this as with many controlling commission payments. Our Advisors are independent and paid by the carriers directly.

re-set appointments are linked to a Google Calendar-Teachers, Professors and Staff have opted to set an appointment scheduling through calendar availability.
Advisors calendar is set as follows:


Pre-set appointments first CALL –Retirement Assessment Call using our Assessment folder per client.

Time Slots: 10:00 11:00 1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00 (we can add 9:00 am/5:00pm opening calendar for potential 7 appointments Monday-Thursday.

Blocking Time above 10:00 am and After 4:00 am

These appointments turn into 2nd ZOOM appointments 85-90% of them so you will be scheduling 2nd appointment with client during first appointment on available days and time slots.

Friday: Paperwork and any 2nd appointments you may have booked same week.

Week Two: Some first appointments and schedule 2nd appointment. Second appoints are zoom appointments-and can be closed here, or final 3rd appointment sharing screen to review illustrations.

All reviewed in training. 1st week can easily produce 24-30 plus appointments

While it is true no upfront cost for preset appointments we are extremely cautious on who we appoint with our extensive menu of carriers. It is costly to board a new Advisor. We are always considerate to those with less experience than those who have been in the industry for years. Typically we like to see at minimum three years of consecutive success in the industry and earning a minimum of $75K-$100K in order to be considered. Advisors are positioned to earn double, triple six figures annually and more.

No Upfront Cost For Federal EMployee

Pre-Set Appointments* Certifications

Under the Federal program, approved Advisors can expect ten preset Federal appointments per month on average. It is also dependent on the demographics and the number of Federal employees within the demographic, includes VA Hospitals, and VA Clinics. There are a number of civil/Federal service branches each demographic is marketed accordingly.

Standard protocol for Federal Program is a minimum of 90 days (could be less dependent on Advisor) on our State Pension Employee Preset appointment program. State and Federal while similar in many ways respective to pensions, they are still in many ways different and one primary reason to why Federal Retirement Certification is required. Additionally, certification is a $1000.00, we waive this cost for the right productive Advisors.

No Upfront Cost for Designation Federal Retirement Consultant Certification Designation

It is your advisory practice we simply take the cold-calling out of the picture so all you have to do is sell. We might add, the referrals generated here drive your practice revenues even more.

Our Advisory Alliance, is Committed to ensuring the best opportunities and solutions; our foremost requirements in becoming independently part of our team is simple! Commitment-Benchmark Ethics & Integrity have common interest to align the right financial Solutions for their clients.